Zaha Hadid
520 West 28th - NYC

Made at HUSH in Brooklyn, NY
Role: Lead Designer + Animator

Launch project



Zaha Hadid’s “520 West 28th” is her first residential project in New York City, situated in the notable West Chelsea neighborhood. The developer of the project, Related Companies, asked us to design an innovative experience for the property’s sales and marketing gallery.

Press — Fast Company, Designboom


A physical-digital residential sales experience as an extension of Zaha’s own hand.



We focused on a guest experience punctuated by physical and digital design details – layout, narrative content, digital interfaces, sound and technology activations. Every move was intended to translate the power of architect-as-artist and the appeal of living inside a work of art.


Buyers are enveloped within customizable digital content, including an original animated film we produced about Hadid’s process, the building’s site, and the core gestures of the design – all narrated by Hadid herself. With choreographed sound and lighting transitions, buyers move into a lounge space featuring an interactive table to explore a mass of content through an unconventional, extra-large interface. From start to finish, the architect’s distinctive artistic vision for luxury living guides guests through an unforgettable journey.







— Credits —
Creative Direction: Jodi Terwilliger
Previs Illustration: Ross McCampbell, John Soat
Design, Illustration & Animation — Andrei Juradowitch, Christian Haberkern, James Zanoni
Animation, Design & Compositing: Gerald Soto, Lu Liu, John Choi & Melissa Miyamoto-Mills
Architectural Design — David Lehman
Interactive Table Interface: Andrew Hamilton, John Soat
Client: Related Companies
Created while at HUSH