Planar Interactive Installation

Client: Planar

Art Director, Lead Designer

Winner of Planar’s Clear Concept Competition

Welcome to the Dragon Lair, a unique submission for Planar’s Clear Concept Contest, featuring the new Planar® Look ThruTM OLED transparent displays.
The environment features six Look ThruTM OLED panels, perfectly staged in front of a 2017 Dragon (fictional luxury vehicle), creating the most technologically immersive experience a car enthusiast has ever imagined. The user experience on the screen is designed with elegance and power, complementing the vehicle’s sleek look and speed. With the six 55” OLED panels as the experience’s main narrative vehicle, the space creates a multi-dimensional visual experience. What makes the Look ThruTM technology so innovative? An awestruck user approaches the
striking display of screens, unlocks the dynamic interface, and sees the powerful 2017 Dragon, beautifully lit on the other side of the screen. With the product in front, the interface empowers the user to explore specific features and specs, enticing the user’s adrenaline while also providing valuable technical data.

There are no average people looking for luxury sports cars like the 2017 Dragon. So we won’t give them average. We will tease their desire with innovative transparency. We will awaken their vision with technological elegance.