On Star - Tap Into Amazing

Role: Art Direction, Design, Matte Painting

Made in collaboration with Wildlife in Los Angeles



OnStar is a brand synonymous with safety and security, but they needed to bridge the gap between advanced technology and human connection with stories that resonate in the digital age.

We set out to design and develop a deeply integrated, responsive web experience that would relate the brand's high tech advancements to users through text, audio, video and animation that engages passive visitors and OnStar social followers alike.


Launch Project




Within each component of OnStar technology -- Wi-Fi, Automatic Crash Response, Advanced Diagnostics and AtYourService -- are immersive animated features and interactive components to make these innovations tangible.

These user-directed tools take advantage of device-tailored interaction mechanics such as swipe and tilt to ensure the most natural and intuitive experience for users, exposing multiple depths of interaction to satisfy a diverse consumer base.

Site-wide, users have the luxury of exploring at their own pace, at varying degrees of investment.