Chevy Small Cars App 

Role: Art Direction + Design

Made in collaboration with Wildlife in Los Angeles


Create a 360° small vehicle campaign that will harness the individual power of Chevy Spark, Sonic and Trax to bring new (many first-time buyers and used-car disposers) to the brand.

Chevrolet was eager to raise awareness among millennial consumers that they have several choices in the small vehicle space, with an experience that speaks to a generation that has grown up on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and texting as a way of life.

Chevy Small Cars deliver more while using less. More trips with less space, and more experiences instead of more things. We created a responsive content portal for those who choose YouTube clips and Snapchat Stories over network TV.


Launch Project


Chevy Small Cars Montage


Chevy Small Cars Walkthrough



Chevy Small Cars targets a unique audience, so it was only fitting to take a fresh angle on the classic car configurator.

Sure, users can trick out their smallmate with the perfect color finish. They can even add a personal touch, from windshield-sized moustache disguises, to googly eyes, sidecars and holiday lights.

When it comes time to choose a background, though, things get a little more fun. Users can swipe through eclectic designs, each paired to a looping music track -- slow-jam R&B, wailing 80's glam rock guitars, pulsing techno and lots more in between -- before we grant them 10-seconds to use their mouse or touch to freestyle their own animated works of small art.

These generative designs pulse and animate with each gesture, and we record the whole process, turning user creations into shareable audio-visual loops that can be posted across social media. Friends and family can follow the link to see playback of users' masterpieces, create their own, and add to our (weird) chain of smallmate art.



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