Captain America Winter Soldier - UI + HUD Design
Made at Perception NYC

Role: UI/HUD Design + Animation + Compositing

Marvel approached Perception to concept the design development of a wide range of scenes ranging from Nick Fury's in-car Heads-Up-Display (HUD) seen in a high-speed car chase, to the reincarnation of Arnim Zola, an old Captain America villain. Please check out the case study at Perception to see more designs.


Main-on-end designs

I also designed a pitch for the main-on-end titles for the Winter Soldier with Perception. We did not get awarded but here are my explorations. 


Arnim Zola Designs

I also designed Arnim Zola's character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 


Here's one of my earlier designs. 



Winter Soldier Credits @ Perception:

Designed and Animated for: Perception NYC

Perception Creative Directors: John LePore, Jeff Baghai

Perception VFX Supervisor: Ted McEnaney

Designers and Animators: Christian Haberkern, Jeff Baghai, Andrew Paulus, Toros Köse, Doug Appleton, John Koltai