Robocop 2014 - UI + HUD Design, Animation
Made at Perception NYC

Role: Design + Animation + Compositing


When I came on board for this project, the designs for the HUDs were already locked down. My role was to animate them plus many other elements across multiple shots. I also designed and animated various transitions for the Robocop helmet to simulate how it would interact with the world around it. This included sequences for switching on the thermal camera and creating LiDAR-esque environment scans. I also designed info-graphics for the Novak news set, created Omnicorp branding videos, and cut together this Robocop montage. 

Check out the case study at Perception

Designed and Animated for: Perception NYC
Robocop VFX Supervisor: James E Price
Perception Creative Director: John LePore
Perception VFX Supervisor: Jeffrey Kleiser / Ajoy Mani

Percpetion's Design and Animation Team
Doug Appleton, Christian Haberkern, Andrew Paulus, Toros Köse, Chase Massingill, Jeff Baghai, Joey Park, Paul Imperio, Johnny Likens, Gerald Mark Soto


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