DRIVE - music video

Made for Violet Sands song Drive

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Visual Effects



30 Sec Teaser


Visual effects breakdown.

I used the Red Scarlet Dragon and shot 80% of this on green screen including a 1:18 scale model of a Lincoln Continental. I then created 3D elements and matte paintings in Octane for C4D as well as used a 3D Lincoln Continental. Finally I transcoded everything through a VHS player to degrade the quality. (Breakdown below.) 


Behind the Scenes




Pre-Production concept stills

Directed by: Christian Haberkern
Cinematography: Christian Haberkern
Visual Effects: Christian Haberkern
Editor: Alexander Reed
Producer: Lea Wülferth
Stylist: Heather Haberkern
AC: Brinson Mcgowan
PA: Lori Beck
Girl - Julia Vasi
Bartender - David Perlick-Molinari
Lounge Singer - Deidre Muro
Band members - Deidre Muro, Derek Muro, David Perlick-Molinari



Special thanks to: 

The Morgan family, Jake Ayers, Jeremiah Cowan, Hannah Crane, Tyler Conn, Brinson McGowan, Bekah Weil, Caleb Davis, Katie Kyle, Jessica Haberkern





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